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On July 18, 2000, Pastor Keith and Carolyn Collins received a blessing from their bishop to plan Church of the Overcomer.  The church was planted with three people making a declaration of support.  When the announcement of the church plant was made to several ministry friends, God moved on the heart of two that sent $7,000.00 for the ministry to begin operation.  Official documents were processed and all fees were paid.  Equipment was purchased and leases signed.  Although Friday night weekly bible studies began immediately in the home of the pastors, Sunday morning worship did not begin for several weeks.  The first Sunday in October 2000, morning worship service was held in Bala Cynwyd, PA; Montgomery County.  The worship experience was held at 8:45 A.M. in the conference room of Primerica building.  We were blessed at this time to have all services video taped by Clayton Rembert.  The office building provided ample space for children's ministry which was supportd and facilitated by Rashell Rembert.

Pastor Keith was encouraged by the growth of the ministry, but he knew the Lord had directed him to Delaware County, not Montgomery County.  An opportunity for meeting space in Delaware County was made available.  After all administrative and financial issues were settled, Church of the Overcomer moved into Barnstormers Theatre, Ridley Park, PA.  The first service was held on the first Sunday in November 2000.  This location provided space and environment more conducive for a Sunday morning worship experience.  And it was in Delaware County.  With the move came several members who decided not to go to Delaware County.  Pastor Keith was
clear in his direction and prepared for those who could not stay.

Pastor Keith presented the vision statement to the congregation at the first church meeting held at Barnstormers Theatre.  "We are a multi-culture ministry committed to reaching the non-religious and un-churched.  Helping to restore lives and identify destiny through the gospel of Jesus Christ."

On December 17, 2004 Pastor Keith and Carolyn Collins represented the Church of the Overcomer as they made settlement on the current main sanctuary and missions' house, 1010 and 1016 Sunset Street, Trainer PA.  With great excitement, the church family spent days cleaning and repairing the new edifice.  With the help of Bishop Ertell Whigham and members of the Franconia Mennonite fellowship, our official move in was made possible on January 1, 2005.

Church of the Overcomer continues to serve the community through five responsibility centers used as the organizational structure.  Administration, Worship, Youth, Finance and Christian Education.  We continue to prioritize our efforts in meeting the felt needs of the congregation and community through counseling, support groups and food cup board.

In 2008, two additional properities were purchased.  1001 Sunset Street, which is used for emergency housing as well as a bed and breakfast for out of town ministry guests.  We also purchased 1004 Sunset Street.  After completion of renovations and installation of new floor and furnance this property will be used as the Academy of Champions Youth Development Center.  Due to the ever expanding need in the community, the properties are now being used as transitional housing for families in need of emergency care.

Our Ministry focus includes:

1.     Those who have become disillusioned.
2.     Mentor programs:  Daughters of Destiny and Boys to Men. 
3.     Referral services and counseling for addictions and other social disorders. 
4.     Support of missions.

Our stated philosophy of ministry is to be "the church for people that don't go to church."  We remain committed to the Prophetic Proclamation of the Kingdom of God and the manifestation of the Kingdom on "earth as it is in Heaven."

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Dr. Carolyn Collins, Center Leader

This department is responsible for the following ministries:

1.          Finance Department 
2.          Transitional Housing
3.          COTO Cafe Rental
4.          Meeting and Events Planning  

This department is responsible for the following ministries:

1.          Deacons Ministry
2.          Psalm 150 Dance Ministry
3.          Prayer and Praise Ministries
4.          Wednesday Evening Bible Study
5.          MOP (Ministers in Training)  

This department is responsible for the following ministries:

1.          Prison to Praise Ministries
2.          Visiting and Writing Inmates 
3.          Daughters of Destiny: Rites of Passage
4.          Boys to Men Mentoring Project

This department is responsible for the following ministries:

1.          Visitors Follow-up and Correspondence
2.          Royal Room Refreshment Services
3.          Ushers Ministries
4.          Greeters Ministries

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